Residence “Beržų alėja” is the author’s contemporary project aiming at particular costumers who appreciate the harmony and comfort of nature.

The Residence is located in Dargužiai village, Klaipėda district only 10 minutes by bike or 20-30 minutes walk to the famous Dutchman’s Cap (Lith. Olando kepurė) in the Karklė Nacional Park.

Staying in the residence is just as easily accessible to you as the vital infrastructure of Klaipėda, and the resort area of Palanga. In just a few minutes you can enjoy endless sandy beaches, walks in pine forests, picturesque landscapes of the Baltic Sea and wonderful sunsets.

Living in the residence “Beržų alėja” is the utmost customer-friendly and safe for people of all ages, with enough space for each family member.

These might be meetings with friends on the terrace of your home;
This is active outdoor recreation for both adults and children;
It is a sport without leaving the territory of the residence;
This is the quality of life.

Beržų alėja” is located on the territory of the National Park.

On the plot of 11,380 m2, there are 9 houses of 4 types – this built-up area will make up only 5.49% of the total area of the residence, which creates a special sense of space.

You can get familiar with your neighbours and at the same time maintain privacy.

Only innovative technologies and high-quality materials will be used for construction. For the design of the engineering infrastructure of the residence, the state-of-art and efficient technologies will be applied:

  • A+ household energy efficiency with heat recovery ventilation system;
  • Centralised water supply from the individual well;
  • Centralised sewage treatment in individual treatment plants;
  • Rainwater runoffs drain from each house and plot for protection to rain sewages;
  • Centralised energy and gas supply;
  • The territory will be fenced with a common fence around the perimeter, providing access control only through the barrier;
  • 2 artificial ponds with landscaped coastline and recreation areas;
  • Children’s playgrounds and sports fields;
  • Particular places for storing waste containers are designed.

Residence “Beržų alėja” is a place for harmony in life and relaxation.